healthy, happy, active, thriving...what childhood is all about.


Here's what we know.  Our children are suffering.  They are suffering from obesity, lack of daily vigorous physical activity, are developing chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and heart disease, are sedentary, spend too  much time indoors, too much time in front of screens, suffer from nature deficit disorder (yes, it's a real thing!) are struggling academically and are increasingly mentally unwell.
But here's the good news.  Research tells us that physical activity is the most effective treatment in reversing the tide of unwellness that has settled upon us.
Our innovative programs bring physical activity to school, where our children spend the bulk of their day.  Creating healthy school environments is what wellness inc. is all about.  And we do it well, really well!

We've designed programs founded in physical activity and physical literacy skill development.  The result?  Happier, healthier children and youth who less stressed and are engaged in learning.