Yoga recovery: a mind, body, spirit journey to wellness


What if everything we thought about addictions was wrong?

What a powerful question! As people, we have an innate need to connect and bond with one another. When we cannot do that, when circumstances in life prevent us from connecting with one another, we will bond with anything that gives us some sense of connection and relief. That something can be drugs or alcohol, eating, sex, gambling, gaming, social media, pornography, shopping, you name it!

Yoga Recovery; a mind, body, spirit journey to wellness was created to develop a connection with one’s self, their True Self, with others and with the Divine. Rooted in yoga, meditation and physical activity, Yoga Recovery is a must for those feeling lost, needing to reclaim and deepen their physical, emotionally and spiritual self. With the purchase of the book, you will receive access to the daily yoga practice as well as the guided meditations.

Our Yoga Recovery educational retreats are a wonderful, immersive mind, body, spirit experience. This is a 100 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education course and is open to instructors and non instructors alike.


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